Top 9 Travel Products

Americans love to travel. Whether it’s jetting to overseas destinations or loading the family into the minivan for a getaway in the mountains, we’re always on the go. And since the travel and hospitality market remains one of the tops in the industry, there are plenty of chances for you to cash in.

Adventure duffle bag (ADB)

Fun and Handy

Connected car app suite & 2x speed dual USB charger (ZUS)

Trunk organizer with cooler bag (E-164).

Fun and Handy

Chocolate box.

Easy find luggage tag (0942).

Fashion roll-up cosmetic case (AP9004).

Travel tips journal.

Fun and Handy

RFID card holder (GC3RB).

Fun and Handy

The mighty badge business identity kit (906748).

Source: The Advertising Specialty Institute